Beverage Station Sanitation in the Food Service Industry

The food service industry is a stickler when it comes to health and sanitation, and recently the conversation regarding the cleanliness of beverage stations has picked up traction. Beverage stations are thought to be generally cleaner than other equipment and areas used in a restaurant, but according to a 2010 study by the International Journal of Food and Microbiology, beverage stations such as soda machines harbor more bacteria, and more dangerous bacteria, than previously supposed. Bacteria was found in half of the samples taken, and some samples tested at high levels of bacteria not only by foodservice industry standards but by that of general health and well-being. Not good.

As a leading distributor of beverage-related equipment, fixtures, and supplies for the foodservice industry, Tognazzini Beverage Service finds it imperative to keep all beverage equipment effectively sanitized. It is vital that beverage machines are cleaned and sanitized regularly since many people, employees and customers alike, touch and handle these machines many times each day.

Cleaning the machines before opening and after closing is a great start for ensuring that at least a minimal amount of bacteria will linger and/or be transferred from machine to person. Employees in the food service industry should take notice of the number of customers frequenting machines and surfaces and clean any that are used more often within a reasonable amount of time so as to avoid the potential risk of passing germs throughout the workday.

There are many approaches that companies may take to ensure that their food and beverage machines are properly cleaned and maintained to keep up with industry standards. Although it may seem less likely for a beverage machine to be home to an excessive amount of bacteria and germs, it is apparent that they hold a staggering amount of bacteria.

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The risks and consequences associated with improper sanitation are extensive, difficult to surmount (especially once the FDA gets involved), and can even lead to the shutdown of food and beverage service sites that repeatedly do not meet industry standards. It is imperative for employees to take precautions in order to prevent any possible spread of the bacteria.

Luckily, Tognazzini Beverage Service distributes high-quality beverage machinery and equipment that is easy to keep clean and up to code with food service industry standards. They make staying clean and sanitized a breeze for those working in a food and beverage service business. If your company is seeking more efficient and effective means to stay a step ahead of industry standards, visit or call (800) 549-1144 to learn more about how Tognazzini Beverage Service will help keep your beverage dispensers as fresh and clean as the day it was installed.

Tognazzini Beverage Service - Your Food Service Industry source for Beer Systems, bar gasses, Restaurant Supplies & Appliance Sales, Installation & Service

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