‘Tis the Holidays Season—Drink It In!

The end of the year is quickly approaching and that means the Holidays are upon us! This gives everyone a reason to be cheerful and to celebrate. Whether it’s at home or at work, everyone wants in on the holiday festivities. So, deliver on the good times with the help of Tognazzini Beverage Service! Every party worth going to has tasty food, so make sure the party-goers have something just as delicious to wash it down with!

Tognazzini Beverage Service knows that you don’t want to just throw a holiday party—you want to make lasting memories. Just Give Us a Call
Office Parties: Although alcohol has become a regular on everybody’s guest-list, there are settings in which it’s not desired or appropriate. The office holiday party last year may have gotten a little out of hand and rumors about what may have happened still circle around the workplace. This year, nip the problem in the bud and stick with non-alcoholic drinks. Not only does this solve the potential excess-drinking problem, but we also have a selection of popular beverages that everybody will enjoy. We offer sodas and juices that pair excellently with any and all holiday platters and dishes. Chase down the hero sandwich Nancy brought in with a fresh glass of orange juice. Take a page out of the polar bear playbook and enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola to celebrate this time of year. No matter how you decide to celebrate, do it responsibly.

At-Home Celebration: The holidays are a time when everyone gets together to catch up and enjoy being in the presence of loved ones. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone—children, included! If Mom and Dad are having a “festive” beverage, why can’t the kids have something special (and age appropriate) to sip on? Make sure that the young ones don’t feel left out! Instead, make sure that there is something for them to enjoy—Tognazzini Beverage Service can help! We stock the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in the industry; whether your young ones like fresh juices or they prefer the taste of a carbonated beverage, we have what they’re looking for this holiday season. And let’s not forget that quality beverages make for great mixers. Not only will the kids enjoy their special holiday drinks, but the adults can also get creative with their cocktails. Dad can enjoy his Rum and Coke on the rocks while Junior can enjoy his apple juice on ice (hold the rum).

Tognazzini Beverage Service knows that you don’t want to just throw a holiday party—you want to make lasting memories. What better way to preserve memories than by providing non-alcoholic beverage options at this year’s holiday parties? They’re perfect for office events and help to keep everybody on their best workplace behavior. They’re also all-inclusive; whether guests abstain from drinking for personal reasons, just don’t like the taste, or are too young to legally imbibe alcohol, serving non-alcoholic beverages makes sure nobody feels left out—and that’s what the holidays are all about, right? Visit Toganizzini Beverage Service online to learn more about all we have to offer you this time of year: https://togbev.com/

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