All Natural Juices & Teas are the new drink of choice at Restaurants

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Can you sense it? There’s been a subtle shift in the attitude towards health in this country. For a long time— too long, in fact— restaurant-goers in America preferred carbonated soda. It began with the original, but it spread towards diet flavors and zero-calorie options. The masses were swept up in the frenzy, popping cans and opening plastic bottles with unsatisfying beverages inside. Even with the flashy fonts and the names on the side of the cans, though, there was no hiding that the ‘secret recipe’ was just a combination of chemicals hidden underneath mounds of sugar and carbonation. It was only a matter of time before the carbonated beverage phase came to an end and a new, fresh beverage would come to the forefront of people’s minds when they sought to quench their thirst.

With the changing of the guard, a new kind of beverage has stepped up. It’s true. You will no longer be able to clean a rusty bumper with it because Americans are no longer willing to settle for that kind of refreshment. All-Natural Juices and Teas, like the ones from Tognazzini Beverage Service, have become the American people’s number one choice in a beverage. What it lacks in rust cleaning ability, it makes up for with natural flavors and health benefits.

The true differences between the chemically created carbonated beverages and the healthful All-Natural Teas and Juices found at Tognazzini Beverage Service begin at the production stage. Carbonated drinks, like cola, come from a factory. Here, they artificially create the chemicals and mix them with sugar. The soda is not the only end-product for companies that make these kinds of drinks, though. There are many harmful by-products, as well. These by-products of America’s former favorite beverage are dumped into local rivers and ruin ecosystems and environments that local people depend on for survival. Just last year, the people of Kerala, India took a major soda manufacturer to court for not only ruining their fresh water supply but also doing nothing to try to amend the damages.

None of the All-Natural Teas and Juices like the ones offered by Tognazzini Beverage Service come from a chemical plant. Instead, they come from regular, old-fashioned plants that grow in the ground. Juices, for example, are the product of squeezing a fruit or vegetable. The liquid that comes out is what gets bottled and consumed. It has essential vitamins and health benefits and the only by-product is the dried-up fruit or vegetable that was squeezed for the juice. It doesn’t pollute the environment, either. In fact, it stimulates the environment by encouraging humans to cultivate more plants to create all-natural teas and juices. So, we are witnessing the age of a new era. No longer are restaurant patrons intrigued by the brown, carbonated liquid that comes from a chemical plant in a far-away place. Now, they are turning to a better solution—one that promotes the health of people and the well-being of the environment that it comes from. So, the next time you’re thinking about which beverages to purchase, think about the changing of the refreshment tides. Tognazzini Beverage Service is riding the wave with their All-Natural Teas and Juices. Call today to place an order: (800) 549-1144

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